Quickly maximize the value of blockchain services

It is a platform service that opens various functions provided by "GO! WALLET" and provides them to blockchain service providers.
It also provides the functions required for supporting existing browser & smartphone games in blockchain games.


GO BASE is required to open various functions provided by "GO! WALLET", a wallet application that can manage Ethereum tokens, and support blockchain service operators and existing browsers & smartphone games on blockchain. Provides various functions.

「Quickly maximize the value of blockchain services」

・ Blockchain content providers can concentrate on service development.
・ Providing highly convenient services by linking with various functions
・ Provide secure and easy-to-understand blockchain services to users.
The above environment is realized.

Opening of Japan's largest Ethereum wallet service

It is one of the largest Ethereum wallet services in Japan, and by opening all the GO! WALLET functions that are linked to more than 50 blockchain services in Japan and overseas, we will streamline the development of blockchain content.
It also supports existing browsers and smartphone games so that they can easily support the blockchain.

In addition, even for the acquisition of new users, which is an issue in the blockchain content market, it is possible to expand the market by using the unique function that can use the blockchain service without having an account on the virtual currency exchange. I will.


Features provided by GO BASE

Ethereum payment for smartphones

By introducing the Ethereum payment for smartphones provided by GO BASE, blockchain content operators can use NFT management and content payment functions.

Also, if it is introduced into a web browser-based blockchain game, it can be delivered as a native application to the App Store and Google Play.


Sale of NFT, content-only currency, etc. in Japanese yen and US dollars

You can sell NFTs and content-only currencies issued by blockchain content companies to users in Japanese yen or US dollars using credit cards.

Services that cannot be used without purchasing Ethereum from the exchange and remittance will be able to expand the range of users by supporting this function.


Incentive point issuing

You can exchange incentive points exclusively for GO BASE with Ethereum by accumulating a certain number.

By using it as an incentive for actions in the content or as cashback at the time of payment, it can be used for various measures toward the continuation rate and user expansion.


App push notification sending

A push notification sending function is provided for apps that have introduced the GO BASE payment function. Since it can be sent to individual users, more effective notifications can be sent.

Also, since it supports multiple languages, it can also be used for global content distribution.


Profile function

A profile function is provided for each wallet address. There are columns such as avatar and profile status.

A function that allows Dapp operators to issue and give Avatar NFT is also planned.


Providing statistical data

We provide various statistical data to each content provider.

・New installations, daily actives, etc.

・ETH settlement amount and purchase frequency for each address



List of partner contents

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List of partner contents to be introduced

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